Letters to the Editor: There is no morally sound defense of Donald Trump

Former President Trump at a rally in Ohio on Sept. 17.
Former President Trump at a rally in Ohio on Sept. 17.
(Tom E. Puskar / Associated Press)

To the editor: After reading a recent letter that defended former President Trump, I was left with a sense of dread and deep despair.

There is not enough space to list all the reasons that Trump proved to be the worst president in modern history. To the majority of us who were aware of his unflattering reputation in New York for decades and were not fooled by the “successful businessman” character he played on TV, he presents as intellectually, ethically and emotionally unfit for any public office.

Voters with a functioning frontal cortex and a working moral compass did not and would not ever support the chaos, confusion and cruelty of this former president who attempted to overthrow our government and keep himself in power, against the will of the American people.


Defending this man on any level speaks volumes about one’s character.

Penelope Burley, Santa Rosa Valley, Calif.


To the editor: In reference to the letter about Trump’s possible prosecution leading to Democrats being investigated if the GOP takes over control of the House and Senate, I say Democratic leaders should pursue truth over fear. Trump and his “Make America Great Again” supporters have gutted the integrity of our political process.

The day Trump is found guilty is the day I will be a proud American again.

Gene Litton, Redondo Beach