Letters to the Editor: Why not hoard books? Reading offers endless delights

A close-up on the hands of someone organizing bookshelves
Despite the prevalence of audiobooks and e-readers, there’s still something unique about a hard copy of a book.
(Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: The article by Chris Vognar hit awfully close to home! I have lined too many of the walls in my home with bookcases and filled them with books. When I worked, I would listen to audiobooks during my commute. But I always loved to read a hard book. I can’t resist perusing the book titles and my favorite authors on Amazon or browsing in Barnes & Noble.

I’m trying to cut down on this habit as I have stacks of books ready for me to read. I donate to the library and used book stores to reduce the amount of titles threatening to make my house look like a book store itself, and I highly recommend that approach to fellow collectors.

Dave Wilson, Murrieta



To the editor: In response to the question, “why do I hoard so many books,” I ask: Why not?

Joan Walston, Santa Monica