Letters to the Editor: For Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, the cruelty is the point

Texas Governor Greg AbbottFor Texas
Texas Governor Greg Abbott
(Associated Press / News Nation)

To the editor: The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit over the illegal buoys and razor-wire fencing in Texas on the Rio Grande? A lawsuit? Really? This should not be handled by litigation from DOJ, but by Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security or the military.

Biden should act boldly. The Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clauses 4 and 15) clearly confers sole power over immigration, border control and to repel invasions — as conservatives describe undocumented entries — to the federal government. The state of Texas has no jurisdiction in such matters unless invited by the federal government, which has not occurred.

Biden should just send in Border Patrol or the military and remove the illegal barriers. Just do it! They have the authority. If Gov. Greg Abbott can concoct some kind of bizarre constitutional justification for his illegal scheme, let him be the one to file lawsuits after the illegal and inhumane safety hazards are removed.


Douglas Dunn, Escondido


To the editor: I find it incongruent to learn Catholic conservative Gov. Greg Abbott is doing Satan’s work along the Rio Grande River. When ordered by the Justice Department to stop the carnage his buoy barriers wrought, he responds coldly, uncaringly and arrogantly, “Texas will see you in court, Mr. President!”

Gov. Abbott, how would Pope Francis respond to you drowning and endangering the lives of thousands of desperate, helpless immigrants?

Apparently, Abbott believes scoring political points with life-endangering, despicable, sickening stunts that create more misery is more important than saving lives, helping the helpless, and caring for the desperate and downtrodden among us.

Is cruelty, inhumanity, meanness, intolerance, bigotry, prejudice and racism, now the Texas state motto? Does Abbott represent what is best about Texas?

Gov. Abbott, you continue to criticize, blame, and shame President Biden in the press and continually avoid any collaboration required to find humane solutions to the border crises.


I implore Democrats in Texas: Save your state. Restore tolerance, acceptance, dignity, integrity and compassion. Organize to vote in overwhelming numbers and stop your governor.

Nelson Sagisi, Santa Maria


To the editor: It is looking more and more like Los Angeles should have its own Statue of Liberty with the words “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” engraved on it. While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to cruelly and mindlessly bus immigrants to Los Angeles in an effort to appeal to his anti-immigrant Republican base, the city of Los Angeles continues to graciously accept and welcome immigrant families in the spirit of true American patriotism. They’re likely to be much better treated and happier here in Los Angeles than in anti-immigrant, Republican-controlled Texas anyway.

James Mundy III, Inglewood