Letters to the Editor: Should we celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger, credibly accused of sexual misconduct?

Arnold Schwarzenegger smiles as he addresses a conference.
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at CES 2023 in Las Vegas last January.
(Jack Dempsey / Associated Press)

To the editor: The California section of Monday’s print edition reported on the scourge of sexual harassment both directly and obliquely.

The article above the fold described the legal battle of an English professor whose testimony about being sexually harassed by a campus administrator resulted in a jury verdict awarding her $10 million. Though the case is being appealed, the administrator was let go.

Below the fold was a celebratory profile of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, though credibly accused of sexual misconduct by 15 women, has faced zero legal or career consequences for his behavior. The article, which briefly mentions the accusations only in the context of his treatment by the media, even praises Schwarzenegger for his “upbeat swagger.”


Of course the women who came forward to detail his actions, such as allegedly attempting to remove a woman’s bathing suit in a hotel elevator, might have a different view of this quality.

Jill Fields, Los Angeles


To the editor: Thank you for bringing attention to several sexual harassment cases at Los Angeles Southwest College, which resulted in a $10-million jury verdict in favor of Professor Sabrena Turner-Odom. All students, faculty and employees deserve to thrive in an environment free of harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

The fact that a tenured faculty member and several others had to endure such an ordeal for years without resolution through Los Angeles Community College District channels speaks to an institutional failure that will go down in history as one our most shameful moments.

Unfortunately, the taxpayers of Los Angeles will have to foot the bill for this travesty, and students will be negatively impacted.

Since Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and the district he oversees have all the necessary tools and resources at their disposal to prevent something like this from happening, it is essential to ask why this occurred and ensure it never happens again.


Angela Echeverri, Culver City