Letters to the Editor: To Biden’s liberal critics: I hope you’re happy with President Trump

President Biden speaks at Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta on Jan. 11, 2022.
President Biden speaks at Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta on Jan. 11, 2022.
(Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

To the editor: A letter writer says that President Biden has made a wreckage of U.S. foreign policy.

Does he think that former President Trump — who fawns over Russian leader Vladimir Putin and, according to a former advisor, believed that Ukraine was really part of Russia — would have supported Ukraine? If Trump were president now, Ukraine would have received no help and likely been defeated quickly. Putin would be eyeing Poland as his next target, and Europe would be preparing for war.

Does the letter writer also believe that the war in Gaza would not have happened if Trump were president? Trump’s major suggestion to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been to hurry up and get the war over with, because the optics are not good. In other words, flatten Gaza and kill as many Palestinians as you want, but just do it more quickly.


As former President Bill Clinton once said, Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line. To all those liberals who aren’t sufficiently enamored of Biden to vote for him, I hope you’ll be happy with President Trump.

Thomas Graves, Newbury Park


To the editor: Thank you for publishing the letter expressing serious reservations with Biden. As a Democratic voter, I share the concerns.

There is an alternative to Trump versus Biden. The latter could be persuaded to step aside and avoid a bipartisan impeachment for complicity in the crime of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Vice President Kamala Harris would assume the presidency and reenergize the Democratic base, disparaged and betrayed by Biden and the Democratic Party. As a woman of color and who was a formidable prosecutor and California attorney general, she’s the person we need to save our democracy from Trump and the MAGA cult.

Robert Leyland Monefeldt, Los Angeles