Readers React: A serial rapist’s taxpayer-funded home security

To the editor: I am writing not to judge the decision to release or not release serial rapist Christopher Evans Hubbart. I am writing in judgment of the decision to squander more than three-quarters of a million dollars on “around-the-clock security” to ensure the safety of one person who faces constant protesting in front of his home. (“When a rapist is released,” Jan. 9)

Gov. Jerry Brown’s recently released state budget calls for spending $10.5 billion on public safety. Perhaps such use of these funds is why the amount is so high.

I would hope the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation can come up with an alternative and less expensive plan that would protect both the rights of Hubbart and the safety of the public.

Carole Urie, Laguna Beach



To the editor: Using women as bait is unacceptable.

A psychologist implies that she would like to perform an experiment that may or may not work to reform the scrambled minds of serial rapists, then afterward release them upon the community to see if the therapy worked or if they are still dangerous.

Thanks, but no thanks.


Arline Mathews, Chatsworth


To the editor: If the “pillowcase rapist” attacked 40 women, why wasn’t he sentenced to a term for each rape? Why wouldn’t he face a few hundred years behind bars?

There should be no concurrent sentences for predatory attacks.

Mark Weber, West Hills

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