Readers React: Iran’s humiliation of 10 U.S. sailors was a propaganda coup

To the editor: I find it simply incredible that someone could write a piece about the temporary seizure of two U.S. Navy boats and detention of 10 sailors without once mentioning the fact that Iran turned it into a propaganda coup. (“Did Iran ‘toy’ with the U.S.?,” Opinion, Jan. 13)

The captors videotaped American sailors on their knees, with their hands clasped behind their heads, and they showed one sailor apologizing. They then showed this video on Iranian TV in violation of international law in an effort to humiliate the United States.

How could these facts be left out of this piece?

Robert Chapman, Downey



To the editor: Isn’t it wonderful that we were able to win the release of our sailors in less than 24 hours from our longtime Iranian adversaries? Thanks to the thoughtful diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry directed by President Obama, another dangerous crisis was averted.

How scary to think that those angry voices of the opposition party could have killed such an effort by pushing for their destructive military solutions that cause more harm than good. Even scarier is the blind opposition and denial of Republican presidential candidates and their cohorts to accepting the success of Obama’s wise course of diplomacy.

I wager that peaceful resolve is a better weapon than bombs and bluster for most of us.

Marcy Bregman, Agoura Hills


To the editor: Although they were “well within their rights to act as they did,” the Iranians missed a golden opportunity to score well with the American people. Had they treated the U.S. sailors with respect, they would have achieved a public relations victory.

They have some way to go.

John Youssef, Woodland Hills

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