Readers React: If judges can’t join the Boy Scouts, what about the Mormon Church?

To the editor: California’s Supreme Court unanimously decreed that state judges will no longer be allowed to affiliate with the Boy Scouts of America because of the organization’s discrimination against gay and lesbian adults in leadership roles. (“State high court’s vote affecting Scout affiliation stirs debate anew,” Jan. 24)

Will this ruling also apply to Mormon judges? Will the people applauding this action because it increases pressure on the Boy Scouts to change its policy apply the same logic to the Mormon Church, which prevents women from assuming all sorts of roles?

And what about the Catholic Church?

Janet Weaver, Huntington Beach



To the editor: Imagine that: The high priests of tolerance turn out to be pretty intolerant themselves.

The Boy Scouts is a great organization that has helped develop millions of boys into outstanding men. The California Supreme Court justices should be ashamed of themselves; I am certainly ashamed of them.

Matt Gorder, Riverside

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