Readers React: Why the 99% should get behind Bernie Sanders

To the editor: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) already has my vote for president. If he runs, he would be the only candidate that truly cares about the middle class and the poor. America can’t survive another Clinton or Bush in the White House. (“A Bernie Sanders presidential bid would take on the billionaires,” March 5)

We can do this, people. The 1% may have the money, but the 99% have the votes, and if we vote for Sanders, the Koch brothers and all the other billionaires won’t matter. Money didn’t get Mitt Romney elected president or Meg Whitman elected governor of California, and it doesn’t have to get a billionaire candidate elected.

If radicals can persuade people to blow themselves up in the name of their religion, we certainly can elect a candidate like Sanders, who will represent the human citizens and not only the corporate citizens.

Shirley Conley, Gardena



To the editor: The headline takes a swipe at billionaires like the Koch brothers but fails to mention their good works in donating millions of dollars to medical research, for example. The article also ignores the billionaires who make donations to the Democrats.

In fact, liberal billionaires outspent their conservative counterparts on super PAC contributions by $65 million last election, according to the Sunlight Foundation. Is that not worthy of mention?

You have to ask yourself if you are helping or hurting this country with your article.


Bob Driscoll, Woodland Hills

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