Hokum from Huckabee on transgender rights

To the editor: Here is more evidence that the presidential campaign process in the United States is too lengthy and causes us to learn things about the candidates that would have been better left unknown. ("Mike Huckabee jokes about posing as transgender to shower with girls," June 2)

We are all now aware that Republican candidate Mike Huckabee wanted to get into the girls' locker room when he was in high school so that he could shower with them.


However, it is a bit concerning that this comment was offered as a means of discussing a topic that is very timely and is also difficult for many to grasp. Instead of intelligently approaching it, regardless of what would be his final conclusion, Huckabee chose to treat it like an adolescent joke.

Campaigning for president causes some to take strange turns, as we have seen in the past. Huckabee now seems to be undergoing his own transition, if you will: from social-conservative spokesman to jerk.

Thomas Bailey, Long Beach


To the editor: As a born-again Christian, I am appalled by Huckabee's flippant comments about transgender people as reported in your June 3 article. This man's ignorant rants do not reflect the compassion that Jesus Christ modeled or of the fellow Christians I call friends.

More Christians need to speak out against these and other hurtful non-biblical remarks.

Jeffrey Patterson, Chatsworth

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