Undocumented immigrants in detention are lucky to work for $3 a day

To the editor: You asked in your Aug. 5 editorial, "Would you work for $1 to $3 a day?" Answer: Yes, of course I would, and if I were caught entering this country and put into detention, I would consider myself fortunate to have a secure place to live with free lodging, meals and other services.

After all, these people are not solely would-be immigrants and asylum-seekers. In my book, they broke the law by entering the country without authorization papers. We politely call them "undocumented," but they are really "illegal immigrants."

Must citizens be taxed to provide a minimum wage for these workers? I think not. They should be happy to assist in keeping the facility clean and landscaped, thus saving our government money. Perhaps they could return to their country of origin if life here is so unfair.

I came to the United States on a permanent resident visa in 1949. To get that visa I had to have a medical checkup, vaccinations, my police record checked, fingerprints taken and a sponsor in this country. I was also on a long waiting list for a visa.

So I know what I am talking about.

Coral Norton, Port Hueneme

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