Readers React: $170,000 for Live Nation? Nice going, L.A.

To the editor: Ignoring that we have to rebuild our infrastructure and support overly generous city worker benefits, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti now wants taxpayers to kick in $170,000 to help cover the cost of a two-day concert staged by Live Nation last September. (“Made in America music festival may cost L.A. taxpayers about $170,000,” Nov. 10)

When Garcetti can keep the water flowing without interruption, lower parking ticket costs, house the homeless and reform pensions, maybe we can talk about giving $170,000 to Live Nation. Until then, he is betraying my trust and that of others who voted for him to be a thoughtful and fiscally responsible mayor, not another Antonio Villaraigosa.

Brian J. Sheppard, Encino



To the editor: So, a Live Nation concert will cost taxpayers $170,000. One can imagine how much more the city will have to pay when Live Nation takes over the Greek Theatre.

It seems that not just the locals will be impacted by the change in management.

Frances Klein, Los Angeles

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