Readers React: ‘Gentrification’ is a euphemism for market cruelty

To the editor: If I see the word “gentrification” again in print, I might go postal. What a lovely euphemism for throwing hard-working “American dream” followers out onto the street. (“Developer’s offer doesn’t add up for mobile home holdouts,” Nov. 28)

What does life matter? Nothing compared to the market price. Don’t worry about terrorists or bombs — gentrification is killing off the older generations, one $3,000-a-month apartment at a time.

And beware those who can afford it now. If the prices continue to rise (and you know they will) and you continue to age, you might find yourself in the same situation one day.

Barbara Schiffler, Encinitas, Calif.



To the editor: While reading today’s insightful column by Sandy Banks about Ischar Zuker, a man who is holding out against developers for a fair price for his mobile home, I am once again grateful for Banks and her ability to bring another slice-of-Los Angeles-life story to our attention.

The Times needs the balance of their local columnists like Sandy Banks and Steve Lopez to bring stories to life that otherwise would go unnoticed. Without necessary writers like Banks, The Times may end up being just another newspaper, with human interest stories like this one never surfacing.

Elisabeth Bernhart-Chatfelter, Lancaster


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