Readers React: Elizabeth Warren isn’t standing up to Trump. She’s going down to his level

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) addresses a town hall meeting in Roxbury, Mass., on Oct. 13.
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To the editor: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said: “If we get more people to turn out and vote, we win. This is all about giving people a reason to turn out, a reason to get in the fight, a reason to knock on doors, a reason to run for office, a reason to drag your friends and your family and your neighbors and your co-workers down to the polls on election day.”

As a die-hard Democrat, her “1/64th to 1/1,024th” Native American ancestry won’t get me to vote for her. This is not standing up to President Trump or fighting back. This is going down to his level.

We already have an attention-grabbing joke of a president. The Democrats do not need that kind of a candidate for president in 2020. Who will she select as a running mate? Michael Avenatti?

Susan Schless, Northridge



To the editor: A few years ago, I took an ancestry test because I was curious. My skin is almost snow white (I say that not as a matter of pride but as a matter of fact), yet the test showed that I am 6% black.

By Warren’s standards, I would qualify as a “person of color.” Give me a break.

Warren deserves every jab that Trump might send in her direction concerning her claim to “Native American heritage.”


John C. Diebel, Newport Beach


To the editor: Why doesn’t Warren agree to forgo the $1-million donation to charity Trump pledged if she took a DNA test, but only if the president takes an IQ test?

After all, according to Trump, his IQ is “one of the highest.”

Martha Colvin Wills, Hemet

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