Opinion: Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump’s inauguration: Democrats need to stop playing nice

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton attend the inauguration ceremony for President Obama in 2013.
(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

To the editor: Hillary Clinton will attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration as “an important symbol about the peaceful transfer of power in America.” But this election was not peaceful. (“Hillary and Bill Clinton will attend Donald Trump’s inauguration,” Jan. 3)

It was an election deeply marred by an angry demagogue who repeatedly said his opponent should be jailed and who still does not believe 17 U.S. intelligence agencies about their conclusion that the Russian government interfered in the campaign. That is not peaceful.

The election was also marred by an FBI director who released damaging information that days later turned out to be nothing, a move eagerly anticipated by Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani.

Trump’s campaign did violence to our election system and our democracy. He does not deserve Hillary Clinton’s presence at his inauguration. I wish Democrats would not play nice and normalize this man.


Joanne Parrent, Los Angeles


To the editor: As the unthinkable is about to befall this nation, I renew my pledge to support our great country and all of its diverse people and cultures without reservation, pay my full and fair share of taxes and defend the spirit and body of our Constitution. I will also devote all within my power and pocketbook to lawfully check a Trump presidency and ensure that he is not reelected in 2020.

As the least qualified person to be elected and having been rejected by a majority of the American voters, Trump was also assisted by the shadowy works of Russian hackers. During these times that will certainly “try our souls,” I can do no less than to remain engaged in the good fight to right this national embarrassment.


William W. Carter, Newbury Park

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