Opinion: Liberals need to stop being apologists for radical Islamists

Emergency officials walk near evidence markers at the scene where a motorist drove onto a bike path in Lower Manhattan earlier this week, killing eight..
(Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

To the editor: Radical terrorism is based on the jihad philosophy, which for most Muslims means spiritual self-improvement and submission to God. However, the interpretation of Islamic terrorists is to fight against non-believers by killing as many of them as possible. (“Yes, radical Islamic terrorism is different,” Opinion, Nov. 2)

Unfortunately, this violent perception has had disastrous consequences for the entire world, ranging from the deaths of thousands of innocent people to the election of President Trump.

And yet despite multiple examples of jihadist massacres, many liberals have become apologists for these atrocities, offering moral justifications for the behavior of terrorists, comparing them to the Christian Crusades, homegrown terrorism and even going to the absurd rationale of blaming Western societies for the desperate acts of these poor creatures.

Radical Islam, far from being a divisive political issue, should serve as a unifying force in the world against the hatred of terrorists.


Berta Graciano-Buchman, Beverly Hills


To the editor: I am a law-abiding Muslim who has much to thank for what God, the United States and Great Britain have given me. I have a good education, a family, friends, a job and my faith.

I strongly believe that Islamic terrorism differs little from other kinds of political terrorism, such as the IRA bombings in Northern Ireland and England. Dan McLaughlin forgets to address the causes of terrorism, such as killing and terrorizing the “other” side (families included) with weapons of mass destruction.


An example of this is the recent sale of frontline weaponry to Saudi Arabia by the United States and its allies. Why does McLaughlin fail to mention this?

Perhaps it is because of a sense of guilt over the horrible acts committed abroad. I do not believe terrorism will ever stop so long as these acts continue.God help us to stop this perpetual madness and forgive us for our sins.

Murtadha Khakoo, Fullerton

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