Readers React: Trump’s craven defense of Saudi Arabia was one of his many outrageously bad acts since election day

President Donald Trump
President Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discuss arms sales at the White House on March 20.
(Jabin Botsford / Washington Post)

To the editor: President Trump has become a lawyer for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

After the CIA found it very likely that the crown prince ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump has decided, once again, to believe the prince and not his own intelligence professionals. Sound familiar? Why does Trump keep siding with our foes and other strongmen leaders instead of our allies?

He has showed the same disrespect to our veterans as he has to our allies. He traveled to France and refused to visit a cemetery where Americans who died during World War I are buried. Then, he made up a crazy lie that the Europeans want to build an army that will protect them from the United States, Russia and China. Trump returned home and failed to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day.

Finally, on top of everything else, including his vulgar remarks about incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), he criticized retired Adm. William McRaven, who oversaw the capture of Osama bin Laden.


Trump and his party will go down in history as incompetent leaders who served their own interests and not those of the American people.

Richard A. French, Pasadena


To the editor: In defending his position on Saudi Arabia and the Khashoggi killing, Trump explained that the Saudis conduct billions of dollars’ worth of business with the United States. That is to say, issues of right and wrong are less important than a favorable business deal.


This is probably the most morally and ethically corrupt public statement ever made by an American president. I hope that more Americans come to recognize that when given the opportunity to make a buck, Trump will sell out anybody — including them.

Jack Tomchak, Costa Mesa


To the editor: Lately, the Los Angeles Times has gotten into publishing long, studious letters. This one won’t fit that bill. My point is short and succinct.

This is probably the most morally and ethically corrupt public statement ever made by an American president.
Jack Tomchak, Costa Mesa

President Trump has touted numerous times the economic benefit to the U.S. of this country’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia. What are those weapons used for?

Nothing good can come of these sales. People will be injured or killed.

Betty Rome, Culver City



To the editor: Last August, newspapers around the country pushed back against Trump’s assault on the free press by taking to their editorial pages and speaking out against this threat.

Now, Trump has dismissed the killing of a U.S.-based journalist and given a pass to Saudi Arabia. The L.A. Times should lead the way by inviting all papers to denounce Trump’s actions of putting human rights second to profit.

Peter Tobia, Philadelphia


To the editor: Only Trump, who credited lower gas prices to Saudi Arabia, could make every American who fills up a tank complicit in the killing of a journalist.

Instead of thinking how much I saved at the gas pump, I’ll be thinking how much each gallon of gas really costs.

Mark Herder, Van Nuys



To the editor: Can anyone say emoluments clause?

Might the shocking effort, even for this president, to minimize consequences for Khashoggi’s brutal assassination to Saudi Arabia have anything to do with the Saudis’ substantial patronizing of Trump apartments, business that Trump himself bragged about on the campaign trail in 2015?

Maybe the framers of the Constitution were prescient after all.

Charles Kent, Rancho Mission Viejo

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