Readers React: Censoring government scientists is a violation of the public’s right to know

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcanic activity, USA - 20 Jun 2018
A U.S. Geological Survey scientist takes measurements at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on June 21.
(USGS handout / EPA)

To the editor: Requiring federal scientists to obtain clearance by heads of government bureaus prior to speaking to the press is censorship, pure and simple.

The ability to freely report on their current research topics and to educate the public on their progress is a vital service to our democracy. Any restrictions on this communication violate the people’s right to know what’s being done with their tax dollars. This must be stopped immediately.

Ironically, the Trump administration constantly uses unsecured communication channels to spread lies and disinformation in order to disrupt the free functioning of our democracy.

Sharon Sasse, Valley Village


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