Readers React: The teacher who said Stephen Miller ate glue happens to be really good at her job

Stephen Miller
White House senior advisor Stephen Miller listens as President Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting on June 21.
(Evan Vucci / AP)

To the editor: I was horrified by the vilification of elementary school teacher Nikki Fiske, who was suspended by the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District after saying her former student White House advisor Stephen Miller ate glue as a third-grader.

My sons went to Franklin Elementary in Santa Monica, and Ms. Fiske was without a doubt one of the finest, most positive and compassionate teachers working there. One of my son’s happiest Septembers was when he found out that he would be in Ms. Fiske’s third-grade class, as she had previously been his first-grade teacher.

Only a child whose mind was closed to her empathy and who built a “wall” around himself to keep out others would not discover the great joy of learning in her classroom.

Ann Cooper, Santa Monica



To the editor: According to the district, Fiske “may not have complied with applicable laws and district policies” regarding the release of student information.

Baloney! If she had said Miller was “bright, neat and a good friend to all” instead of comparing him to Pig-Pen, she’d still be in her classroom with her students, where she belongs.

Ronda Schiess, Oceanside


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