Readers React: Presidents — even Donald Trump — aren’t supposed to attack dead heroes like John McCain

Photographs, flowers and notes gather at a makeshift memorial to John McCain outside his office in Phoenix on Aug. 26.
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To the editor: It is time for an end to normalized indignity, compulsive lying and abysmal leadership. President Trump’s most recent Twitter barrage, including his obsessive, relentless attacks on a decorated American patriot, the late Sen. John McCain, is at variance with his presidential oath.

Trump must first and foremost “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” not spew invective at anyone and anything deemed threatening to his persona. When decorum goes out the door, the rule of law and democratic principles are not far behind, rendering the constitutional oath meaningless the process.

Restoration of decency and honesty is vital to the survival of our democracy. This should be utmost in the minds of the electorate when they enter the voting booth in 2020, as well as the media, social and otherwise, who provide a pulpit at the president’s time and choosing from which he conducts his campaign of incivility.

Jim Paladino, Tampa, Fla.



To the editor: Well, here we are again, trying to understand what makes Trump so jealous of anyone who might upstage him. For him to demand recognition for somehow allowing McCain’s funeral to take place ought to be the final straw.

I am with lawyer George Conway, the husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, who has questioned the president’s mental fitness. I cannot stand to listen to the president, as anything that comes out of his mouth is bound to be praise for himself.

Trump is not even worthy to say McCain’s name.


Davina Garcia, Culver City


To the editor: Trump’s obsession with McCain perplexes many people, but there is a simple explanation.

After some GOP lawmakers voted against his emergency declaration, Trump might have felt it necessary to engage in intimidation. He needed to show he is such a brazen bully that will even attack a deceased American hero.

As a New York developer, Trump knows that bullying works. He understands that Republican lawmakers are vulnerable to intimidation from groups like the National Rifle Assn.

The president’s attacks on McCain are strategic.

Koji Ishii, San Bernardino

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