Readers React: Trump’s next Obama legacy target: California’s worthwhile desert conservation plan


To the editor: The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, eight years in the making, is a collaboration document crafted by employees from many government and non-government agencies as well as private citizens. It is dripping with the cloth of democracy. (“Trump has offered no valid reason for revising California’s desert plan,” editorial, Feb. 7)

This compilation of ideas and compromises is to be deemed obsolete by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, with President Trump’s willing endorsement. They propose that the plan be unilaterally abrogated by decree. Their attack is to essentially remove the word “conservation” from the plan’s title.

The 45-day comment period has shades of “we’ll give him a fair trial, and then we’ll hang him.” Like their scaling back of national monument declarations made by President Obama, we know the outcome beforehand.


Trump and Zinke are presiding over callous degradation of our home — the Earth environment — in favor of short-term greed.

Tom Budlong, Los Angeles


To the editor: The radical environmentalists protest when Trump doesn’t support solar and wind energy enough. Then Trump opens land, previously closed, to more solar and wind development, and the radical environmentalists get mad at him over that.

Let’s face it: The radical environmentalists in this state do not want anything built anywhere. The state Legislature needs to quit listening to them.

Chris Richgels, Long Beach

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