Readers React: Not even a fire can warm Trump’s cold heart when it comes to California

President Trump talks to then-Governor-elect Gavin Newsom during a visit on Nov. 17 to a Paradise neighborhood destroyed in the Camp fire. At right is then-Gov. Jerry Brown.
(Paul Kitagaki Jr. / AP)

To the editor: Unlike the meticulously groomed landscape surrounding the White House and the impeccably pristine grounds surrounding Mar-a-Lago, our stunning national parks — namely Joshua Tree and Yosemite, both in California — are suffering immense and possibly irreparable damage with the government shutdown.

We understand that our president does not like our state or our politics, which do not always favor him. We are now learning that he will further show his disdain by his consideration to cut off federal disaster funds to our fire victims.

President Trump has no idea what it is like to lose everything. It would behoove him to consider warming his cold heart. While we may not change our ways to please him, he could perhaps show a humane side by changing his ways for us.


Denise Gee, San Clemente


To the editor: Why the nonstop mouthy animosity from Trump for all things California?

It’s not just his rage at losing the 2016 national popular vote — solely due to our state’s overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton — nor his disgust at a flipped House headed by a prominent Californian.

Perhaps most important, dissing the Golden State fires up Trump’s base. That provides a clamorous distraction from his anti-progressive cabal’s far-reaching efforts to favor red states over blue ones. Thus regressive laws and policies are quietly contrived while Trump loudly decries imagined California shortcomings and proclaims his supposed options for punishing our state.

Heed not the sound and fury. Just focus on what really matters.

Mel Farber, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: Trump wants to stop all disaster aid to victims of last year’s fires because he claims that the fires resulted from the state mismanaging our forests.

How does that apply to the Woolsey fire, which burned through an area that is not forested? How does that apply to the Camp fire, which started along Camp Creek Road in Butte County? That road lies entirely in the Plumas National Forest, which is a federal responsibility.

Once again, Trump proves himself to be a major source of the fake news that he so actively condemns.

David E. Ross, Oak Park

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