Readers React: Trump would look great on TV returning 2,342 migrant children to their parents


To the editor: Since President Trump seems concerned about the horrible optics of his policy separating 2,342 migrant children from their parents — only aggravated by the first lady wearing that infamous “I really don’t care” jacket on her way to visit detained migrant kids — I have a suggestion to turn things around.

Remember how good Trump looked welcoming home those U.S. citizens who had been imprisoned in North Korea in the middle of the night as they deplaned and reunited with their families? What if Trump had his staff work just as hard to locate and fly back all those children taken from their parents at the border?

Then he could beam triumphantly as young Latin American hostages of his “zero tolerance” policy are reunited with their families on the tarmac. Imagine the ratings!


Tim Paine, Burbank


To the editor: Politicians, some churches, organizations and plain folks are saying that people from Central America are coming to the United States because of poverty and violence at home.

We should be compassionate because these people are trying to escape from a burning building, so to speak. This is common knowledge. I sympathize with these people and I wish we could accommodate all of them.

But the reality is we cannot accommodate every breathing person on the planet who wants to take refuge in the United States. We do not have unlimited resources.

We already have about 11 million unauthorized immigrants here and many millions more legal immigrants. Do we need more?

Ed Trillo, South Gate



To the editor: Trump can psychologically damage a child on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters.

We know who and what Trump is. The real question is, who are we?

Eugene Sison, San Dimas


To the editor: There’s really no mystery about First Lady Melania Trump’s controversial jacket. She is merely modeling a new clothing line for her husband’s supporters.

Any time someone calls out Trump for boasting, bullying or lying, his backers can just point to their jackets or shirts or hats that say, “I really don’t care, do U?”

Steve Mehlman, Beaumont

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