Opinion: One week into his presidency, Trump nearly broke America


To the editor: What a sorry sight to behold: The chief executive of this country begins his term in office acting with such contempt for many of the people and the institutions he must serve. He insults the office and the nation with the belligerent hubris and lies that he and his advisors continue to peddle. (“Trump’s freeze on immigrants and refugees plays into the hands of Islamic terror recruiters,” editorial, Jan. 27)

President Trump appears to have two ways to communicate: either bombastic self-promotion or lashing out and silencing those who do not agree with him. There is no appreciation or validity accorded to other perspectives.

What a mockery it makes of the task with which he has been charged. In a little more than a week, we’ve gone from an Obama nation to an abomination.


Tom Herz, San Francisco


To the editor: I am addressing my comments to members of Congress with respect to the future of America and the world:

There is an egomaniac in the White House, so what are you going to do about it? As Republican and Democratic lawmakers, you need to put differences aside to find a way to stop Trump from destroying all that you hold dear about your country.

One example of Trump’s many outrageous performances is his souring of our relationship with Mexico because he did not get his way. How presidential is that?

Every morning your eyebrows must rise a little higher than the day before as you hear about Trump’s latest tweet or “presidential” action. If you cannot stand up for what you know is right, if you are holding back because you are concerned about your own political future, then you are not protecting the United States, its citizens and the world.

Virginia Beard, Huntington Beach


To the editor: From the state of California — where the state and local government agencies have paid workers such high salaries, pensions and healthcare that budgets are under stress; where the governor is trying to establish his legacy by pushing a financially disastrous train; where the state welcomes illegal immigrants and in some cases places them ahead of U.S. citizens — you have blasted Trump throughout his first week as president.

Are you kidding? Trump arrived just in time to save California.

Hello wall and goodbye to illegal immigrants.

Rob Hamers, Irvine

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