Readers React: A government shutdown? Wasn’t Mexico going to pay for Trump’s wall?

US President Donald J. Trump meets with US House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi and US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Washington, USA - 11 Dec 2018
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), Vice President Mike Pence, President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) at an Oval Office meeting to discuss preventing a government shutdown on Dec. 11.
(Michael Reynolds / EPA-EFE/REX )

To the editor: Your editorial, “Trump’s ‘beautiful wall’ is a vanity project and nothing more. Democrats should treat it as such,” never mentions President Trump’s oft repeated campaign promise that he will get Mexico to pay for his border wall.

Since Trump’s inauguration, I haven’t heard anything from the White House about the start of negotiations with Mexico for that money. The Democrats, the media and whichever Republicans have any courage, morals or ethics should refuse to fund the wall and repeatedly remind the president of his campaign promise.

This country needs the $5 billion Trump wants for his wall — and much more — to start to pay for much needed infrastructure repair or any other of our many societal needs.

Herb Adelman, Del Mar



To the editor: Trump day after day brilliantly repeats his messages, making them true to his faithful believers, whether it’s about fake news, a witch hunt or building that wall.

His broken promises are mostly ignored — in fact, your editorial repeated his promise to build a wall in the first paragraph.

I wish you and all media would remind the public of Trump’s promises on healthcare — that all Americans would be covered, and drug prices would drop — every time you editorialize or report another chapter in his endless saga about his promised wall and unwittingly add repetitious weight to that silly promise while ignoring his glaring broken promises.


Mark Davidson, Santa Ana

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