Opinion: How not to be or speak like Trump: Promote positive dialog, speak truth to power

President Trump speaks at the National Rifle Assn. convention in Atlanta on April 28.
(Scott Olson / Getty Images)

To the editor: Thank you for the eloquent editorial on President Trump’s words. His way of speaking is in such sharp contrast to President Obama that I get whiplash every time I hear a Trump utterance. (“At what point does Trump’s comic inarticulateness become dangerous?” editorial, May 26)

We have a leader whose expressions are so odd, uninformed, incomplete and inappropriate that there’s no real information being communicated. There’s no thought behind the words, just ignorant bluster. Some love this babble, but the rest of us are insulted by an incomprehensible hector.

I believe that the takeaway message is for all of us to promote positive dialogue, causes and ideals to elevate the discussion. Empower citizens to speak truth to power. It’s been done before and it’s needed more now than ever.


Susan Goldstein, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: Trump’s words have never been anything more than a swing between bully talk and the false flattery of a real estate salesman trying to sell something.

Many people fall for that, believe it and love him for it. Others (like Russian President Vladimir Putin and House Speaker Paul Ryan) use it to manipulate.

Trump apparently believes in a false equivalence of wealth indicating class and is endlessly striving for respect while bumbling into the opposite. Meanwhile, Republicans manipulate him and respond to his bullying because they care only about power. They have no values.

Mary Wickline, San Diego

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