Letters to the Editor: Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached, and so does Donald Trump


To the editor: Columnist Robin Abcarian states that in the three impeachment traumas she has witnessed, the Republican presidents were accused of selling out the office for political gain, and the Democrat was accused of lying about having sex. Which would I prefer?

The answer is neither.

In each of the three cases the office of the president was debased. It was held in contempt by power-hungry men who thought their actions were above the law.

Presidents should be role models. We should be able to point with pride at our leader. Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump do not bring about that pride. Each brought about only embarrassment with their actions.


I am embarrassed to call each man my president.

Bill Rollins, Lake Forest


To the editor: Abcarian writes: “Republican presidents who face impeachment are accused of selling out the office for political gain; Democrats who face impeachment are accuse of lying about sex. Which kind of president would you prefer?”

She exhibits a naive outlook that a president who lies about sex wouldn’t lie about something more egregious. Pretty narrow, or should I say partisan, thinking.

John R. Grush, Palm Desert


To the editor: I would add this to Abcarian’s list of reasons for impeachment: The American people deserve answers regarding what Trump and his enablers have done so they will be more fully informed when they vote in 2020.

Bob Jacobs, Playa del Rey