Letters to the Editor: A BART rider’s sandwich and the slow road to anarchy

A BART train enters the Berkeley station.
A BART commuter train entering a station in Berkeley.
(Preeti Pradhan / Moment Editorial/Getty Images)

To the editor: This is another example on the concept of anarchy and a government that feeds into it. (“After man is handcuffed for eating sandwich on BART platform, transit chief apologizes,” Nov. 11)

The rule that prohibits eating and drinking on transit systems is clearly posted. The rider allegedly ignored the rules even after the Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer informed him that eating on the platform was prohibited. The rider allegedly became antagonistic and disrespectful of the officer’s authority. The video clearly depicts his insolent disrespect as he continues eating his sandwich while arguing with the officer.

There will probably be no consequences to the rider for his misbehavior. Why would there be when BART feels the obligation to apologize?

When consequences for misbehavior are rewarded, it can only promote insubordination, confusion and ultimately lawlessness.


Giuseppe Mirelli, Los Angeles

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