Letters to the Editor: Any pro-impeachment Republican will go down in history as a hero

Speaker Nancy Pelosi talking at a lectern
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces Dec. 5 she is asking the Judiciary Committee to draft articles of impeachment.
(Shawn Thew / EPA-EFE/REX)

To the editor: I write to Republican members of Congress, in light of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) directing the House to draft articles of impeachment against President Trump:

It’s kind of amazing to hear you defend Trump with so much passion. Clearly many of you have rationalized his unacceptable behavior, which both violates decency and puts our democracy at risk.

My question: Do you actually believe what you are saying, or are you so cynical that politics trump truth for you? Do you have the courage to speak the truth to Trump? It would be radical and shocking, but anyone among you who does so would stand out in history as a defender of the republic.


On occasion, the circumstances require everyone to sober up and take a long look at what is actually happening. We all know what Trump is about. What are you about? On what side of history do you want to be?

May you find the courage to protect our Constitution and sacrifice your self-interest.

Diana Beardsley, Los Angeles


To the editor: Often, a trial judge will instruct jurors before they begin deliberating to use their common sense. In that vein, I have one question for those who still believe Trump was concerned about corruption in Ukraine when he made his “perfect” call to President Volodymyr Zelensky:

If former Vice President Joe Biden had declared that he was not running for president, would Trump have been pushing the Ukrainians for an investigation? Or would he have trying to dig up — or make up — dirt about whichever other Democratic candidate was at the top of the polls?

Rita Zwern, Burbank


To the editor: From the time Trump took office, the Democrats’ biggest agenda item has been to get the president — never mind other important issues needing attention, such as our deteriorating infrastructure, immigration, prescription drug costs and more.


If the president is not impeached, on what can the Democrats run in 2020?

Richard Austen, Los Angeles


To the editor: By all accounts, Trump will stand trial in the Senate. By all accounts, the Senate will not convict Trump.

The notion that the president will allow high-level members of his administration to testify in the Senate is preposterous. Trump will not testify, because he cannot tell the truth. Neither John Bolton, the former national security advisor, nor acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney will testify. Documents that should have been produced to the House will not surface in the Senate.

The Republicans will continue to attack the House’s impeachment process. Having no real defense, they will simply pound the table.

The unfortunate result may well be that Trump’s divisive behavior intensifies and he destroys whatever is left of the old Republican Party. He will alienate foreign leaders until this nation stands alone in the world.

Good luck to all of us.

Maurice M. Garcia, Newbury Park