Letters to the Editor: It’s un-American for states to compete for coronavirus medical supplies

Virus Outbreak Trump
President Trump reaches for a pen during a ceremony to sign the coronavirus stimulus relief package last week in the Oval Office at the White House.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: We call ourselves the United States, but we are losing the ability act like it. Many wars are fought over resources, and that is what seems to be happening in our war against the coronavirus. (“Despite widespread shortages, Trump hasn’t come up with a plan to get medical supplies where needed,” March 27)

Instead of acting in the country’s interest, we are enforcing our lines in the sand to keep us apart. We are acting in terms of what is best for Virginia, or what is best for Washington state, or what is best for Michigan.

Are we really going to let the inaction of a man in the White House turn us into competing tribes? We’re better than this. We fought as one nation in a world war; it’s time to do it again.

Kenny Rich, Woodland Hills



To the editor: So, a former economics professor, with no manufacturing or supply chain experience, is determined to be the best person to oversee implementation of the Defense Production Act?

Not surprising — just look at the accompanying photo demonstrating the Trump administration’s understanding of social distancing. It showed five older men standing shoulder to shoulder, directly behind the president, admiring each other, while the rest of are trying to wash our hands of this same behavior.

Ted Rosenblatt, Pacific Palisades

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