Letters to the Editor: The next time antimaskers terrorize a mall, arrest them

A view of the Westfield Century City mall, where antimask protesters stormed past shoppers Jan. 3.
The Westfield Century City mall, where antimask protesters stormed past shoppers Jan. 3.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Despite notices posted at the entrance of the Westfield Century City mall and Bloomingdale’s Century City prohibiting entrance if not wearing a mask as mandated by state and local law, maskless protesters freely paraded through the mall and stores with impunity, harassing and threatening patrons.

Remarkably, neither mall security, store security nor the Los Angeles Police Department made any effort to meaningfully enforce the public health ordinances, or to have the protesters arrested for trespassing.

Why should anyone abide by the ordinances if no one is willing to enforce them? Why should we continue to patronize this mall if it is unwilling or unable to protect the health and safety of its patrons?


Richard Lubetzky, Los Angeles


To the editor: It is sad and incredibly frustrating to read day after day about how COVID-19 cases and deaths are up, hospitals are overwhelmed, and critical supplies like oxygen are dangerously low.

Rationing of care is upon us. Ten years ago many Americans were enraged about imaginary “death panels” because of the Affordable Care Act. I wonder if any of those same people now refuse to wear masks or avoid gatherings to save lives.

The behavior of many residents is aggravating the situation, but where are our elected officials? Where are Gov. Gavin Newsom, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, our county supervisors and state lawmakers as more people get seriously ill or die and hospitals are pleading for help?

Why aren’t the current restrictions being enforced with fines? Why are nonessential retail stores still open and travel basically unregulated?

Our elected officials seem paralyzed with fear. They don’t want to upset people, especially business owners, but now is the time for drastic action. The job is hard, but it’s what they signed up for.


Judy Pang, Palos Verdes Estates


To the editor: Antimasking mobs invading markets should not be labeled as protests. They are organized events meant to display an ignorant, selfish, antisocial attitude that can cause harm to others by possibly exposing them to the coronavirus.

The next time this type of purposeful assault on everyone’s health and safety occurs, the police cannot idly stand by. They must make arrests.

Mel Frohman, Los Angeles