Letters to the Editor: It’s OK to feel COVID fatigue. Just wear a mask while doing it

A server in a mask holds two plates of food at an outdoor table. Diners populate a number of tables behind a low fence.
People dine outdoors at restaurants on Main Street in Huntington Beach on Tuesday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Lately, my friends keep saying in texts and phone calls, “Can you believe it’s almost been a year?” (“Is Gov. Newsom ‘following the science’ on COVID reopening, or following the politics?” editorial, Jan. 26)

The roller coaster of emotions we have all ridden has been mind-blowing. There has been pure joy in those sweet, giggly moments as my family and I lounged about in the backyard, and pure, terrifying angst in those moments when I was convinced that I had contracted the virus, and where, oh where would I quarantine away from my family?

Yet, every day, we all have to muster up positive thoughts as we embark on another Groundhog’s Day, while rapidly running out of employment opportunities. This year has taught us so much, but, I have to admit, I am burned out on learning lessons.


What I wouldn’t give to go and sit at a Dodger game. Until then, we must keep our chins up (clad in a mask, of course).

Bronwen Bonner-Davies, Culver City


To the editor: I was shocked beyond belief when I heard that Gov. Gavin Newsom had lifted state restrictions on outdoor dining, hair salons and nail salons. He lifted restrictions too early last year, and then came a huge surge in summer.

Now it seems as if he is bowing to political pressure.

Deaths and new infections are still way too high, and with the vaccine rollout going slowly, it seems ridiculous to open things up while schools are still closed and we’re also at the height of flu season.

I am very disappointed in the governor, and I am a Democrat who up until now thought he was doing a good job.

Barbara Graham, Dana Point



To the editor: So now restaurants can open for outside dining? Whatever. Many restaurants in this part of Orange County have stayed open, both for indoor and outdoor dining, with no consequences for their actions.

I only hope that these establishments don’t receive a dime of any COVID-19 assistance funds to which they may feel entitled.

Sam Robert, San Juan Capistrano