Arash Homampour

Personal Injury Lawyers 2022

Lead Trial Lawyer and Sole Shareholder
The Homampour Law Firm

Arash Homampour has tried over 38 cases, with 12 eight-figure verdicts and 15 seven-figure verdicts and handled over 25 appeals, with two before the California Supreme Court. In the last six years alone, he has tried and won the following eight difficult liability and damage cases, including a $16 million verdict against an employer in a very difficult brain injury case where there was little evidence to support the negligent driver was acting within the course and scope of employment and where the plaintiff was wearing a fake helmet. Among Homampour’s other successful cases was a $60 million verdict against a product manufacturer in an extraordinarily difficult wrongful death case involving a defective product that was venued in federal court in Orange County, where the product was admittedly misused. The manufacturer appealed, and the Ninth Circuit affirmed the verdict.