Catalina Rodas

Personal Injury Lawyers 2022

Castelblanco Law Group

Fighting for tenants’ rights, which have become even more important in the time of COVID, Cataline Rodas of Castelblanco Law Group strives to empower its clients who are usually low income, disempowered individuals stuck in substandard housing due to the housing crisis, which makes leaving a deteriorating rent-controlled apartment very difficult. Rodas fights the business of slumlording, and strives to punish landlords who try to increase profit margins by making rent-controlled apartments less attractive to tenants by failing to repair known substandard conditions in the hopes the tenants will just move out. She does not try many cases because she settles her cases for life-changing sums for her clients, ensuring they are able to leave the substandard conditions to which they’ve been subjected, and hopefully have enough capital to never have to stay in a situation like that again.