Red Cabbage and Date Salad With Preserved Lemon and Pistachios

Time 15 minutes
Yields Serves 4
Chewy Deglet Noor dates add sweetness to this crunchy slaw brightened with preserved lemon.
(Rebecca Peloquin/For The Times)
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Dates get the slaw/salad treatment here, adding slivers of sweet and soft to the crunch and savoriness of this dish. This goes great with pork chops, braised chicken or warm flatbread and labneh. If preserved lemon is hard to find, try substituting with sliced wheels of kumquats tossed with ½ teaspoon Diamond Crystal kosher salt.


In a small skillet set over medium heat, warm the cumin seeds, swirling often, until fragrant and toasted, about 3 minutes. Transfer the cumin seeds to a large bowl. Add the olive oil, vinegar, honey and salt to the cumin seeds and whisk to combine. Stir in the onions and let stand for 2 minutes in the dressing.


Add the cabbage, preserved lemon, herbs and dates and toss to combine. Season with more salt, then transfer the salad to a serving bowl. Sprinkle with the pistachios before serving.