Season Interrupted: Aidan Goltz will take his lax game 2,500 miles east

Name: Aidan Goltz

School: Newport Harbor

Sport: Football, lacrosse

Key stats: Caught 49 passes as a receiver for football team; was captain of the lacrosse team with 17 seniors.

Summer plans: Participate in an all-star lacrosse match in Texas

Fall plans: Will attend Bryant University in Rhode Island

A look at the high school sport standouts whose seasons were cut short by the coronavirus outbreak.

On the sudden end to the lacrosse season:
“When we first heard the season was canceled, I don’t think any of us believed it at first. The shock factor never really played in until the first week without practicing. It’s tragic what happened, but it is what it is.”

On memories created through sports:
“It’s amazing to see how we’ve all come from the little kid playing lacrosse. It’s mind-blowing that we’ve all been together since sixth grade. Without this last season together, it’s kind of hard.”


On lacrosse’s growth in the region:
“I got attracted to it because of my dad. Ever since I started playing, I fell in love with it and always wanted to go to the next level. I think the reason it’s growing so fast is become it’s a fast-paced game. You’re always doing something and there’s physicality, which high school and any group of boys love. It’s a good alternative for the spring sports.”

On the new things he’s discovered during the sports shutdown:
“I’ve gotten back into surfing.”

On lessons learned:
“I think younger classes will never take anything for granted because you never know when it’s going to be your last game or last day of school.”

What he misses most:
“I miss being around all my friends on the lacrosse and football teams. It’s been hard to find [my] motivation sometimes without having those guys push me.”