Boys’ basketball: Ron Artest III is going to create excitement at Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills junior is can dunk with the best

Things have not been going well for the 0-8 Beverly Hills football team, but Normans fans can’t wait for basketball season, and for good reason.

Ron Artest III, the son of the Lakers forward, is going to create lots of excitement with his dunks and improving skills. The Palisades transfer is 6-foot-7 and still learning how to play basketball after only two years of playing.

But his athleticism can’t be taught. There was a time in the second half of a fall league game on Saturday against Gardena when he took over the game.

“The more he plays, the more comfortable he gets,” Coach Jarvin Turner said.


Beverly Hills also unveiled two more transfers _ 6-6 twins Mason and Maddox Daniels from Florida.

There’s a new trend in basketball. It used to be by the time school started in August or September, coaches knew who would be on their rosters. But the movement of players has continued this fall. So who knows what the rosters are going to look like by the time the season officially begins in late November.

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