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Football: Drake Beasley unlikely to play in regular season for La Canada

An appeal hearing for La Canada running back Drake Beasley has been scheduled for Oct. 10, which means he’s unlikely to play in the regular season even if the decision of the Southern Section to make him ineligible is overturned.

That’s because the CIF appeals panel has 20 business days to render its decision and can wait until Nov. 7. The regular season ends on Nov. 4.

Beasley was declared ineligible after transferring from Loyola. It has led to a senior season stuck on the sideline.

If the CIF appeals panel upholds the Southern Section decision, Beasley’s only recourse would be to seek a court injunction. La Canada would have to make the decision whether to play him and risk forfeiture if Beasley lost in a future trial.


Loyola alleged undue influence when it challenged his transfer. The Southern Section ruled him ineligible.

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