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Former Grant soccer player Elad Shippony returns to L.A. with his show, ‘The Wandering Israeli’

Elad Shippony

Former Van Nuys Grant soccer player Elad Shippony is returning to Los Angeles to show off his stage show, “The Wandering Israeli.”

(Din Aharoni)

Elad Shippony admits he was a “so-so athlete” at Grant High in Van Nuys in the 1980s.

“I could write better than play soccer,” he said.

After graduation in 1987, he had a choice to go to college in the United States or return to his native Israel and join the Army. He joined the Army. His journey was just beginning.

He became a world traveler and learned how to speak Spanish and Arabic. He went from being a technical writer to writing travel stories.


He created, “The Wandering Israeli,” a musical stage show he has performed more than 600 times over the past 10 years at the Israel National Theater. It’s humorous and about his travel experiences.

He’s turning his show into an independent tour in both English and Hebrew and returning to Southern California to perform the show on Sept. 11 at Sinai Temple. The 6 p.m. show will be in English, the 8:30 p.m. show in Hebrew.

Here’s the link from a profile from the Jerusalem Post.

Maybe he’ll demonstrate how to kick a soccer ball, too, for entertainment.


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