Second Ottawa Senators player tests positive for the coronavirus

Ottawa Senators logo.
A second player on the Ottawa Senators has tested positive for coronavirus.
(Jamie Squire / Getty Images)

A second player on the Ottawa Senators has tested positive for COVID-19, the team announced on Saturday, making him the second known positive result among NHL players. As with the first player, whose positive result and “mild” symptoms were disclosed by the club late Tuesday, the Senators did not identify the player in question.

The Senators played the Sharks in San Jose on March 7, the Ducks in Anaheim on March 10, and the Kings at Staples Center on March 11 before NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman put the league’s season on hold in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Senators then returned home to Canada’s capital.

The Senators’ statement said the player who most recently tested positive was part of the team’s traveling party for those games in California.

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May 22, 2020


“The total number of people that travelled with the club is 52, including players, staff, media, guests and flight crew. Of those on the trip, 44 have shown no symptoms, eight people have been tested, and two positive results were received,” the statement said. “We are awaiting the results from tests that took place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.“Everyone who took part in the Ottawa Senators trip to California was instructed to self-quarantine on Friday, March 13th and remain so. The Ottawa Senators’ medical team is actively monitoring players and staff and following all appropriate and professional guidelines to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and the greater community.

“To be fully transparent with our fans and stakeholders, we will continue to provide periodic updates as appropriate, while maintaining the privacy of the individuals impacted.”

No other NHL players are known to have tested positive, though NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said earlier this week that some test results were pending.

NHL players have been instructed to self-quarantine at least through March 27. Players have not been allowed to work out at team facilities, though injured players have been permitted to receive treatment at those facilities.