Ranking the 2019 NBA draft day hats — you know what? Never mind

2019 Lakers draft day hat
(New Era)

With the 2019 NBA draft only a week away, New Era has unveiled the hats that will perch on top of each pick’s head after his name is announced by commissioner Adam Silver at the Barclays Center in New York.

Unlike NFL teams, which tend to go absolutely nuts with the design of their draft-day caps, their NBA counterparts are keeping things simple. The caps are designed to resemble varsity jackets and include a custom patch with the team name, a pin featuring the team’s logo, team-specific striping and embroidered team information.

In other words, they’re all same, just with different colors, logo pins, etc. depending on the team.

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Last year’s NBA draft hats were all similar in nature, with bold versions of the teams’ logos on the front. But a little pizzazz was added by pins that featured an image, slogan or nickname associated with the location or franchise (the Clippers’ pin featured a California vanity plate that said “GOCLIPS”; the Lakers’ pin was in the likeness of purple sunglasses).

But this year the league is keeping things much more low-key. You can check out the Lakers’ headgear at the top of the page. And here’s the Clippers’.

2019 Clippers draft day hat
(New Era)

New Orleans Pelicans fans are probably already imagining how Zion Williamson is going to look in this sucker:


2019 New Orleans Pelicans draft day hat
(New Era)

And fans in Toronto and the Bay Area can probably picture themselves celebrating an NBA title in one of these bad boys:

2019 Toronto Raptors draft day hat
(New Era)
2019 Golden State Warriors draft day hat
(New Era)

As you can see, they’re not bad-looking hats at all. They’re actually quite classy and stylish.

Really the only people who might have a problem with them are writers who were really looking forward to ranking the caps from snazziest to most hideous (what can I say — we love ranking things).

If you want to know what your team’s hat looks like (and somehow can’t already picture it given these examples) or if you want to purchase one (much more likely), check out the New Era 2019 NBA Authentics: Draft Series at


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