Letters: If greatness is dull, the NBA Finals have become the dullest event around

Well, watching the NBA Finals was like watching paint dry. Yes, the Warriors are a great team, but was this really the intent of the NBA? To stack talent inordinately in one team? Chris Paul was stopped from going to the Lakers years back when the Lakers were stacked, so why was the Durant trade allowed?

The Cavaliers put on a gutty performance for the most part, and Game 1 was clearly influenced by the refs to the detriment of Cleveland. I have never seen a charging-blocking call changed by review of video — that was garbage, plain and simple. The whole deal amounted to a boring series.

Chet Chebegia

San Marcos



LeBron’s claim he played the last three games of the finals with an “injured hand” did more to hurt his legacy than when he made the Cavaliers re-sign JR Smith back in 2016.

Gary H. Miller



Advice for Lakers

Memo to the two old-timers from Michigan (East Lansing and Ann Arbor): 1. If they are available in the draft, do whatever is necessary to select the “Michael Jordan from Delaware,” Donte DiVincenzo, and the “next Dirk Nowitzki,” Moritz Wagner. 2. Trade anybody, BI, Lonzo, Hart, draft picks, anybody (but not Kuz) for Kawhi. 3. Sign Julius Randle, the “Beast”, to a new contract, and 4. Add the King, LBJ, to the roster in free agency. 5. Take the rest of the summer off.

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles


Magic Johnson has already made one gigantic mistaken by drafting Lonzo Ball ahead of Jayson Tatum. He is about to make a another by allowing Lonzo Ball to remain on the Lakers. LaVar Ball is about to ensure that LeBron James doesn’t give the Lakers the time of day. So here’s an open trade suggestion for any NBA team; Lonzo Ball and Luol Deng for a second-round pick and two bags of peanuts. You’re welcome, Magic.

Greg Nersesyan

North Hollywood



Bill Plaschke feels Magic Johnson is the man to fix all the Lakers problems. I am sure he would, but he is spending most of his time fixing the Dodgers’ TV issues as promised.

Bert Bergen

La Cañada


I love Plaschke’s articles and will continue to read them, but Bill, Jerry West’s not walking through that door. And neither is Jerry Buss.

Don Carlson

Mission Viejo


Halo, goodbye?

Bill Shaikin nailed it with his June 10 article regarding Mike Trout’s future with the Angels. Unless Billy Eppler and the Angels management provide meaningful players to augment the talents of Trout, the Angels can kiss him goodbye.

Trout needs to be on a team that provides the best chance to make the playoffs each and every year. The Astros stepped up last year by bringing in Justin Verlander and in the offseason, even after winning a World Series championship, they bring in Gerrit Cole. Eppler says “It’s tough to get that starting pitcher.” Then how do the Astros do it two years in a row?

Bruce Olson

Alta Loma


Maybe it is time for Shohei Ohtani to play only one position, pitcher or hitter. For now he looks good at both positions but this recent injury may be a reason to settle on where to play. Chances are as a hitter, he will be a force for years to come, but his elbow or other parts could fail, ending his ability to pitch, or even to hit well.

I bet Trout would like to see him in the batting order every day for the rest Ohtani’s career. So would the fans.

Ken Johnson

Pinon Hills, Calif.

The next Trojan

Guess you really are the Trojan Times when you have two columnists cover third-string USC quarterback JT Daniels before it is officially summer. How do you think other players must feel when you single out a guy who is yet to take a practice snap? Can you kindly let the young man win the starting job before you give him the Heisman?

Troy Easton

Pacific Palisades


Good to see USC has a normal, level-headed kid, who has never faced any adversity in his life, coming to lead their team. He has gamed the system perfectly so far, from holding himself back in junior high to skipping his senior year in high school. Heck, if he ever does have any issues, he can have either his stage-dad, quarterbacks guru or his life coach clean it all up for him. What could possibly go wrong? Fight on!

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


The Steve/J.T. Daniels 2018 relationship is reminiscent of Marv/Todd Marinovich nearly 30 years ago. In 1989-90, the Trojans were 17-6-2 with a Rose Bowl win. Hopefully, J.T. can improve on this in his career. Fight on!

David Marshall

Santa Monica


Think what you want about JT Daniels’ story — the ultimate example of a distorted and accelerated high school athletic experience. However, this phenomenon is clearly unstoppable, and inevitable with the powerful economic influence of collegiate opportunities. However, repeating a grade for purely athletic reasons is taking advantage of the vast majority of kids who follow the rules. This largely parent-driven strategy sends a disturbing message to kids involved, and compromises their ability to be leaders and good citizens.

Brad Kearns

Woodland Hills


In an effort to “trick up” Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, the USGA has made the course almost impossible to score on. They say the course is a fair test of golf. Shinnecock already has a windmill hole. Now they need the drive-it-through-the-clown-face hole.

If the object is to introduce more people to the game, they’ve out-tricked themselves. Has the USGA been getting advice from Spectrum on how to engage viewers?

Patrick Kelley

Los Angeles

Fans strike back

Reader Bud Chapman’s attack on Dodgers fans last week is misguided. Find another fan base that leads the league in attendance every year despite the team’s record, bands together to get an owner ousted and scrutinizes every GM decision because they are still bitter about a trade 25 years ago. Hint, hint, you won’t.

Dave Moore

Santa Ana


Reader Bud Chapman must be captaining Noah’s Ark, as he would need a vessel big enough to hold the four million people he’s accusing of jumping ship.

Rich Hardt

Long Beach

Horse sense

The 36-month wait is over! Justify has won the Triple Crown!

Vaughn Hardenberg



Am I the only one who noticed that all 10 horses running in the Belmont Stakes chose to remain in the barn during the singing of the national anthem?

Frank Lyman

Laguna Niguel


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