Letters: This is how to get Lakers’ fans GOAT

What’s with the backlash to LeBron’s signing with the Lakers? Lakers fans, get a grip. You should love this guy like a little baby. In fact, if Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant had a love child, he would be LeBron James.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills



Dylan Hernandez’s column questioning LeBron James’ motives for signing with the Lakers was absolutely ridiculous. He should be happy that LeBron is here and forget about trying to figure out the “why” of it all. I’m sure there are plenty of valid reasons why James chose to come to Los Angeles, and he’s under no obligation to tell anyone what they are.

As a matter of record, I can name one myself. The weather here is a lot better than Cleveland or Philadelphia.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach



According to Bill Plaschke, “There’s no more pressure on Magic Johnson: He’s splendidly done his job, fulfilled the reason he was hired.” Really, Bill? So picking Lonzo “Air” Ball ahead of Jayson Tatum in the draft and signing Isaiah Thomas are no longer part of the conversation?

And last I looked, Johnson failed to lure Paul George away from the Thunder and Kawhi Leonard is still a San Antonio Spur. LeBron James, like the song says, “loves L.A.” It offers exceptional schools for his kids, great weather, and proximity to the entertainment industry in which he is already heavily involved. There is no “magic” in him being here.

Gary H. Miller



What’s Plaschke been smoking? “If LeBron doesn’t deliver a championship to the Lakers in four years, his legacy is SHOT”?!

Three NBA titles, 4 MVP awards and numerous other records. I think if LeBron played out his career with, as Chick Hearn used to say, “the Sisters of the Poor,” his legacy will be just fine.


Patrick Cervantes

Eagle Rock


There’s a legion of loyal fans who watched when Sedale Threatt was the Lakers’ starting point guard, who watched when Cedric Ceballos bailed on the team and went to Lake Havasu, and who sat through Kobe’s last five seasons when the only suspense was how many points he would score. For the past several seasons most games were spent not wondering if the Lakers could win, but wondering at what point in the game you knew they would lose.

We never got off the bandwagon and now Bill Plaschke is telling us that unless LeBron James wins NBA titles, his becoming a Laker will be a failure for him and the Lakers franchise? LeBron deserves to play home games in front of celebrity row at Staples Center and die-hard Lakers fans deserve a season when every game is winnable. If the title comes, it comes. Talk about buzz kill!

David P. Lewis

Long Beach



So Rajon Rondo is in his “mentoring stage” of his career and hopes to a “father figure” helping young players develop and become young men. Lonzo, you just can’t get a break! (GM RIP)!

Bob Carter

Toluca Lake

Anaheim advice

Albert Pujols is a fine man and a first ballot Hall of famer. But he is no longer a feared hitter and has become a rally killer who cannot run or play the field.

It is time for Angels to bite the bullet and buy out his contract. They will not be able to move forward until Albert is gone.

Mike Gamboa

Buena Park


The Angels are sinking in the West and it is Mike Scioscia’s fault. His stubborn refusal to inject new blood into the lineup is draining the team’s energy. His refusal to move Justin Upton out of a run-producing lineup position and his continued use of Kole Calhoun at leadoff are examples that the game has passed him by.

If Scioscia cared at all about the Angels, he would step down so that they might salvage some sort of a season.

Scott Margolin,



How many Angels pitchers need to have surgery before they finally cancel the season? On the other side of the coin are the first place Houston Astros. Their five-man starting rotation has not missed a start because of injury all season. Maybe the Angels should consider hiring the Astros’ training staff.

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


It’s amazing that Shohei Ohtani can make any contact with a pitched ball while bailing out like a back foot-weighted golfer.

David Marshall

Santa Monica


Please fellow Dodgers fans, do not boo Mike Trout this weekend. Let’s welcome him warmly, as we did LeBron at Staples. He would look great in Dodger Blue one day.

Ken Feldman


Keep the faith

On May 16 the Dodgers lost to Miami 6-5, in front of 5,721 loyal Marlins fans to fall to 16-26. Bill Plaschke wrote that it was time to start planning for the 2019 season.

Bill has been around long enough to know that in baseball it’s really not over until it’s over ... or at least until September.

Mike Anderson

Sherman Oaks


The day after Mark Reynolds goes five for five and ties a National League record with 10 RBIs, the statistics show that he is the least valuable active player in baseball.

Harris J. Levey


Watch what you say

Posey pulls a ball a foot outside over the plate: “He’s a great framer”

CP3 grabs a guy’s arm and draws a foul: “Veteran savvy.”

Patriots receiver tumbles over with minimum contact and draws pass interference call: “Good job selling that.”

Any World Cup player goes down with minimal contact to draw a free kick in a favorable position. “I hate soccer. All these guys do is dive.”

Craig L. Dunkin

Los Angeles


Phrases sports announcers should never say:

“He doesn’t want to throw an interception in the red zone.”

“I don’t think he meant to serve up that home run.”

“He probably didn’t intend to turn the ball over under his own basket.”

“Neymar is down and I think he’s hurt.”

Dave Eng

Thousand Oaks


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