Letters: Time for a change in Anaheim

Mike Scioscia says he is not stepping down. With zero playoff wins in nearly 10 years, I’d say he already has.

Ron Reeve




After 19 years, it is time to let someone else take over the management of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (that name alone shows how little Arte Moreno knows about Orange County). You had one outstanding team — and very little else to show for your years here.

I appreciate you have had little pitching help, but just go quietly into the night, Mike. Take yourself and those you love on a nice, long vacation.

Carol Marshall



Blue it

Dave Roberts ought to be ashamed of himself. For a manager who, more often than

not, makes the right call during crucial game situations, his reluctance to pull Pedro

Baez after two of the first three batters reached base against the Rockies on Thursday

night was a clear dereliction of duty.

Baez is long past his useful shelf life. To even consider bringing him in to pitch in a close game in a tight pennant race, no less leaving him in with the game on the line, defies all logic. Wonder what the front-office boys will think about that bit of managing when discussing whether to extend Roberts’ contract at the end of the season.

Herb Schoenberg




Kenley Jansen saves, so please, Dr. Cardiologist, save Jansen.

Marsha Temple

Marina del Rey


I miss Logan Forsythe, said no Dodgers fan ever.

Scott Wright




While I realize the days of having a “set” infield are probably dead and gone, just for fun let’s assume that the Dodgers are able to convince Manny Machado to stay in town past this season and Seager is 100% by next spring. While we’re at it, let’s make two other assumptions: Turner is fully productive again and Bellinger isn’t a one-season wonder.

Let’s see, you’re not going to put Seager at second base, and you arguably would have the best left side in baseball with JT at 3rd and Manny at shortstop. Sorry, Corey, but you are not Manny with either glove or bat. So, easy fix: Sign Manny and Dozier long term and teach Corey first base. Cody Bellinger then becomes one of the game’s better center fielders.

Oh, and “Mr. Guggenheim,” you screwed your fans out of TV, so no one’s interested in your directive to stay below the luxury tax level.

Elliot Powers

Fuzhou, China


I read in the Sunday paper that Dodgers pitcher Zac Rosscup was activated after recovering from an inflamed middle finger on his left hand. After watching him pitch against the Astros Saturday, the middle finger on my own left hand was curiously swollen as well.

Josh Clark

San Gabriel


The Dodgers are easily one of the best seven or eight teams in MLB. Sure, they don’t know how to advance a runner, hit and run, steal a base, sacrifice or play anything that resembles small ball, but they do know how to swing for the fences and strike out alarmingly. The qualities that made Dave Roberts such a valuable asset to the teams he played on have been removed in favor of the whiff.

Upper management has no feel for the game. If you had traded for Chris Archer last year you would have been the World Series champions.

Michael J. Anderson

Canyon Country


When I read vitriolic nonsense such as Mr. Fodera of Sherman Oaks put forth last week by calling Chase Utley “the ultimate cheap shot artist,” I have to wonder on what this claim is based and call baloney. Utley’s slide was intended as all slides were intended then, to break up double plays. He has been a complete joy to watch, and this Dodger fan thanks Utley for his ability, work ethic and leadership.

Dan Johnson

Salem, Va.


I have been a Dodgers fan all my life and regularly attend games. Today, from the moment fans enter Dodger Stadium they are confronted by increasingly aggressive hawkers of the 50/50 raffle. While ostensibly having a charitable purpose, the raffle presents the Dodgers in a bad light, trying to squeeze an extra $20 out of fans already paying high ticket and concession prices. Rather, the team should donate a percentage of concession sales to the foundation and eliminate an unpleasant aspect of game.

Don Goldman

Los Angeles

Enjoy the moment

Let me get this straight. Laker fans have been apoplectic the past five years for having terrible teams and not making the playoffs. Now they’ve got the best player in the world and will most assuredly be back in the playoffs and headed in the right direction to once again become championship contenders.

But it seems some Laker fans are completely bent out of shape thinking that somehow LeBron will taint the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Get a grip. Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Kareem, Jerry, Wilt and Elgin are long gone and their legacies will never be tainted. But like it or not, LeBron is now the superstar face of the Lakers. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Scott Zimbler


Fight on?

USC did indeed post double-digit wins in each of Clay Helton’s first two seasons; but USC was absolutely humbled by Alabama, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Of particular concern was the manhandling of USC’s linemen, particularly on the offensive side of the line. USC has zero chance of winning a national championship unless our offensive linemen are able to control the line of scrimmage as Pete Carroll’s and John McKay’s teams routinely did. USC must become as good at recruiting and developing linemen as it does the skill players. Do this, compete at the national level and the alumni will be on the Helton bandwagon.

Eddie Dawes

Hacienda Heights

Nick of team

The way to beat Nick Saban is to make him play a nonconference schedule that isn’t packed with lower-division cupcakes, along with a couple more SEC conference games. That would level the playing field and sort him out.

Rhys Thomas

Valley Glen

Called for traveling

The Las Vegas team of the WNBA forfeited a game because of health concerns after traveling for 26 hours. It has been reported that the WNBA is not doing well financially, but do they carpool?

Wayne Muramatsu


Get real

A letter writer says but for two holes Tiger Woods would have won the British Open.

But for a few states, Hillary would have been president. But for the Warriors, LeBron James and the Cavaliers would have been NBA champs. But for 50,000 homeless, Los Angeles would be a nice place to live.

Reality determines outcomes, not “but fors.”

Bob Munson

Newbury Park

NFL stuff

The NFLPA and the owners need to agree that kneeling is not about the anthem, the military, the flag or anything else; it is about social injustice and police treatment of black people. If both sides would make that statement, it would clarify the intent of kneeling. Then let those who want to kneel, kneel. Keep the politicians out of it and the problem will eventually go away.

Gary Price



A fool and his money are soon parted. $100 million? Jon Gruden is still living off taking Tony Dungy’s team to the Super Bowl many years ago. He’ll be gone, again, in three, maybe four years.

One good thing. I can turn the sound back on during the Monday night football game.

Alex Fernandez



The Raiders have made a terrible mistake hiring Jon Gruden as their head coach. Anyone who would prize AC/DC over Bruce Springsteen is headed for a well-deserved comeuppance. Go Rams!

David Weber

West Hollywood


All this gnashing of teeth and anguish over concussions and brain trauma to NFL football players, and yet not a single word in the media or elsewhere about boxing, where the goal is to so badly concuss your opponent that he’s knocked out. What’s up with that?

Trent Sanders

La Canada

Hit the dirt!

Mike Trout might be the best player in baseball, but he sure doesn’t know how to slide.

Sterling Buckingham

Canyon Country


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