Letters: Chargers doing their best to make themselves at home in L.A.

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn calls for a two-point conversion after quarterback Philip Rivers led the team on a last-minute scoring drive against the Chiefs.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

All I can say about the Chargers’ victory over the Chiefs is:

What an



Ken Blake



Dylan Hernandez asks: If Chargers win it all, are they parade-worthy? Answer: Yes! But only in San Diego!

Rich Rhea


Those losers

The Rams must have been channeling their old roots by giving Todd Gurley so few touches last week. Mike Martz handed the Patriots their first Super Bowl by practically keeping Marshall Faulk out of the game plan for the Greatest Show On Turf.


Mike Reuben

Anaheim Hills


Dylan Hernandez sure likes to whine. Jared Goff has one stinker against a killer Bears defense, in 20-degree weather, and there’s panic in the streets. If this is your lot in life, Dylan, drive over to Billy Eppler’s house and ask about his plan for the Angels. Now that’s something to panic about.

Jim Fredrick

Manhattan Beach


Has anyone else noticed Rams have been going somewhat downhill ever since Cooper Kupp first got hurt?

Mick Taylor

Los Angeles

Winter Blues

As a lifelong Dodger fan, it will be difficult for me to accept Joe Kelly as our middle-innings savior. Until he admits that he was ordered to hit Hanley Ramirez with a 99-mph fastball, he will always signify dishonor and cowardice in professional sports to me.

Alex Fernandez



The focus of your article on the Dodgers’ search for a new catcher shows us why, despite their protestations to the opposite, they are really not “going for it.” One of two minor league catchers, neither ready for prime time, could fetch us one of the top catchers in the majors now. The Dodgers could even add to the deal Yasiel Puig, trading him to the one team that could use him to fire up their home base, the Miami Marlins, and pick up JT Realmuto to solidify their catching and their lineup. Instead they are once again holding on to their precious, ultimately more affordable prospects and we will continue to wait until who knows how long for that elusive championship. Assets and deep pockets are just that if you refuse to use them to finally compete with the free-spending American League clubs now ruling baseball.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


The Dodgers have signed a new hitting coach who couldn’t hit in high school and a couple of other guys who couldn’t hit much either anywhere and I guess they are all in on the long-plane uppercut swing that hits a lot of home runs off bad pitching and strikes out a lot against all pitching and can’t hit the ball to the opposite field even if there’s nobody on one side of the field, can’t hit with two strikes, swings the same way with nobody out and a runner on second or third, and looks like Little Leaguers against great pitching and precise scouting reports in playoffs and the World Series.


Dell Franklin



I was going to write a cynical letter about the absurdity of paying Manny Machado more than $300 million because I cared about the Dodgers, but things have changed.

Kevin Park

Mission Hills

Complaint Dept.

Bill Plaschke says of UCLA: “This team isn’t great yet, but it’s good and it’s fun.” So fun that you’re never sure if even dunks will go in. Instead of producing a program of excellence, with Steve Alford, you’re never sure what you will get. What you do know for sure is that it won’t end with a championship.

Just like USC football with Clay Helton, UCLA basketball deserves better. Two historic programs muddled in mediocrity because of matching mediocre athletic directors. #whatashame #hardtowatch.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


Kliff Kingsbury, offensive coordinator, fired by Texas Tech in 2018 after a 5-7 season, 22-28 as head coach of the Red Raiders for the last four years.

Mike Jinks, running backs coach, fired in midseason as head coach at Bowling Green after a 7-24 record.


Chad Kauha’aha’a, defensive line coach, three years, 2015-2017 at Oregon State, the last two as associate head coach, during which the Beavers were 7-29.

Is Clay Helton only permitted by USC to hire assistant coaches from losing college football programs, or are coaches from losing college football programs the only coaches who would accept employment at USC?

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles

The replacements

As if taking over the Oakland Raiders wasn’t tough enough, Jon Gruden has made his task much harder. Gruden now has to pick players who are better than the two premier players he got rid of — Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. What are the chances he can find two players as good as the two he got rid of? Based on the players’ standings this year, I’m betting Gruden can’t find two better ones in 10 years.

Thomas Pleasure


Red(head) alert

Listening to Bill Walton [Sports Media, Dec. 11] announce a game is pure joy. He is completely unpredictable; it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Other commentators make mundane comments simply repeating what we’ve just seen. Walton is the Vin Scully of college hoops; his stories indicate Scully-like preparation. He seems to be teaching us to find joy in each moment of life and in each play of the game. Since his resurrection from back surgery, he’s like a man living joyfully on borrowed time!


David Waldowski

Laguna Woods


If ESPN and the Pac-12 Networks and his fans want a Bill Walton show, then make one. Don’t make the UCLA basketball game a sideshow.

Steve James



I graduated from UCLA long ago and still enjoy watching UCLA sports. I tried to watch the recent UCLA-Notre Dame basketball game but had to turn it off. Please let the executives at all the broadcast networks know that any time Bill Walton is announcing a game, I always end up turning it off and watching something else. Walton is the worst, most self-indulgent, annoying announcer I have ever heard, period. Please do your customers a favor.

Roger Coyro

Sherman Oaks


For a comparison of Bill Walton, think Howard Cosell and John Madden in the pre-internet memes days of broadcasting for those of you old enough to recall. It’s not always “PC,” but it’s always entertaining, thought-provoking and shows Walton’s knowledge of the game.

Andrew Ko

San Marino


Humorless unless one counts vulgar jokes, full to overflowing of reminiscences and other information (riddled with clichés) superfluous to the play on the floor, and apparently ignorant since he quit playing of the subtleties of the game, Bill Walton is as disastrous as a commentator as he once was marvelous as a player.

Stephen Yenser

Los Angeles


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