Letters: Even for Magic, it was an impressive disappearing act

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Magic Johnson says he will remain a Laker for life, but just not at this point in his busy schedule.

Roy Reel

Culver City



I find it interesting that Magic Johnson listed among his reasons for leaving the Lakers was, “I didn’t like the backstabbing.” He then proceeded to make Rob Pelinka’s back look like a pin cushion.

Bert Bergen

La Cañada



The Lakers must face a harsh reality. When it comes to running an NBA franchise, Magic Johnson was no Jerry West and Jeanie Buss is no Dr. Jerry Buss.

Scott Zimbler



In his two years with the Lakers as president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson has been nothing short of a failure. But his resignation on the eve of the Lakers’ final game of the season? Yes, that was pure Magic. It proves, once again, that he is nothing short of an attention whore — and a coward. Quitting a job is no easy task, even if it’s for all the right reasons. For him to not discuss it personally with the highest ranking member of the Lakers “family” — Jeanie Buss — when quitting showed the highest possible contempt for the sports franchise that earned him riches, recognition and adulation beyond most professional athletes’ wildest dreams. In the meantime, good riddance.

Mark Skurnik

Mission Viejo



This was bound to happen when an organization hires an ex-athlete with great name recognition, too many outside endeavors, and zero experience with the position. In this case, it added to the continuing dysfunction of a once-proud, respected, and winning organization.

Oh, sorry, not Magic Johnson and the Lakers. I’m referring to Lynn Swann and USC. The only difference between the two is that Magic was wise enough to step down before being fired.

Jack Saltzberg

Valley Village


I find it very hard to have sympathy for Magic and his crocodile tears, especially after the way he treated Luke Walton. Behind those tears was a tyrant who instead of showing some respect for his head coach verbally dressed him down loud enough so that all could hear. Loyalty to those young Lakers was not his strong point either, shopping almost the entire team publicly and once again with no remorse whatsoever. Just proves that Magic’s leadership on the floor and off the floor were two separate things. His poor behavior can be described in two words: no class.

Bill Consolo

Del Aire



Bill Plaschke missed the point. Magic Johnson loved the Lakers organization and Jeanie Buss so much that he knew personnel and coaching decisions he had to make would hurt and cause her family distress.

Magic decided that his title as head of basketball operations for the Lakers was not as important to him as his love and respect for Jeanie. Therefore, he took the option to step down to allow someone not so emotionally attached to the organization to come in and do what Magic knew needed to be done. That is the real measure of Magic the man.

Donald Peppars



LeBron James was in a movie called “Trainwreck” in 2015. I didn’t realize he would be in the sequel, but with a different title: “Lakers 2018-19 season”.

Gregg Scott

Los Angeles


“Misdirection” is a key part of magic — getting people to not look at what’s important, but to distract them, change the subject, use a dramatic prop and push their attention elsewhere, so they do not see what is happening in front of their eyes. Yup, that sounds like Magic.

Bob Paniagua

Susanville, Calif.


The Lakers’ management situation over the last few years has been a combination soap opera, reality TV program and circus sideshow. Which means, of course, there is only one man who can step in and take over. LaVar Ball for team president!

Richard Turnage



With regards to yet another miserable season for the Lakers, fingers are being pointed in several directions. But for me it’s quite simple. I blame all those teams that beat them.

Joe Kevany

Mount Washington

Welcome, coach

This UCLA hire is the equivalent of losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament, something the new guy knows a lot about.

Forget Wooden, this guy fits the mold of Lavin and Alford, who loved to take bows for every Sweet 16 appearance. Dan Guerrero should be fired immediately for dragging one of the finest universities in the world through the mud for 100 agonizing days and ending up here.

This process was a nightmare and an embarrassment. Offering a guy $2 million less than he is already making and then overpaying $2 million a year more than you needed to to get a C-Lister? J.D. Morgan is still rolling in his grave. Watch when Sean Miller is fired, who ends up in Tucson. Nice work, Dan Guerrero.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


As I recall in the year 2000, USC struck out on hiring coaches Dennis Erickson, Mike Belotti and Mike Riley and had to settle for its fourth choice, for Pete Carroll. Now that the Bruins have hired their fourth choice in Mick Cronin, hopefully it will remind us of the success of Mick ... Jagger?

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


In the search for a new men’s basketball coach, UCLA should have considered someone outside of the box, who is capable, experienced, who comes from a superbly successful program and has knowledge of the inner workings of the NBA.

I’m thinking of Becky Hammon, assistant to Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs.

Dirk Blocker

Santa Barbara

Blue again

If you think Dodgers brass is concerned at all about the team’s performance in St. Louis you’re just not paying attention. The season so far has played out exactly as planned. Beat up on your division foes and hope for some luck playing the Central and East teams. That’s the Dodger formula these days, headed up by Andrew “Small Market” Friedman and Stan “I won 14 straight division titles and one World Series in Atlanta” Kasten.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


A prediction: Cody Bellinger will have a better offensive season than Bryce Harper. Also, Cody is a better baserunner and a more versatile defender. Oh, and he’ll be doing all this for about $30 million less than Harper.

Dennis Duling

San Gabriel


So reader Geno Apicella doesn’t want beer sales at Dodger Stadium for baseball games anymore. OMG. Why don’t we just take away Dodger Dogs as well? Hot dogs make people fat. Obesity causes problems. Fatness causes healthcare costs to rise.

When are the Dodgers going to put a bun, uh, lid on this?

Paul Rinaldi

Santa Barbara


Joe Kelly has an early lead for the Don Stanhouse award.

Arthur Koehler

Huntington Beach


Just wondering: When Puig and the Reds visit Dodger Stadium next week will his home plate walkup song be, “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Yasiel?”

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo


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