Letters: Dodgers’ fans don’t want to get ahead of themselves

Cartoon of Haden’s Hogs. (Jim Thompson/ For the Times)
Cartoonist Jim Thompson illustrates a cartoon of Haden’s Hogs.
(Jim Thompson/ For the Times)

Thanks, Bill Plaschke for jinxing the 2019 Dodgers. Just like last year (but in reverse), when you panicked in May, burying the Dodgers 50 games in and then watched them go to the World Series again.

This year, the Dodgers should avoid your opinion like the plague, stay focused and grind. No championships are handed out for winning in April and May. There was no reason to panic last year and there is no reason to celebrate this one, yet.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills



Is it too early to blame Dave Roberts and the Dodgers’ front office for their meltdown in the 2019 World Series?

Mario Valvo




While I too share share some of Bill Plaschke’s confidence and exuberance in this season’s Dodger club, his reason and hyperbole (what’s new?) simply don’t add up. This team feels exactly the same as the previous two pennant winners — strong starting pitching, good power and an oh-so-scary bullpen leading up to Kenley Jansen. And even with a past-his-prime Clayton Kershaw, the ability to manufacture runs may compensate for it, especially in a once-again relatively weak National League.

Bill, 42-19 is a great start, but in 2017 in the heat of the summer the Dodgers went 43-7 and still didn’t win it all. And no one besides you sees the inconsistent Kenta Maeda as a true No.1.

So Bill, as Cody B. can attest, let’s remember to keep the “pink champagne on ice” for now because once again, this season “could be heaven or this could be hell.” Again. All patient, die-hard Dodgers fans already know after waiting 31 years, “we can check out but we can never leave.” Go Blue!

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


The Dodgers do so well developing and finding talent and winning games. In fact, they have made only one bad move over the last several years. Had the Dodgers paid Zack Greinke to stay, they probably would be two-time defending World Series champions instead of being a two-time runnerup.


So far, it looks like the Dodgers will repeat history by not pursuing Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel.  Unbelievable, considering the millions they are receiving from their TV deal!

Rob Hamers


Not heavenly

In the memorable words of Kenny Rogers, sometimes you just gotta fold ‘em. The Angels’ braintrust should heed these words and ditch the experiment in pitching called Trevor Cahill and Matt Harvey.

They’ve already shown by now in June they can’t deliver anymore. Why not just go with the promising youngsters like Canning and now Suarez? Maybe they haven’t yet proved their value but at least they are a good possibility, unlike the failed outcomes of the first two disappointments.

Patrick Kennedy

Frazier Park



Does anybody in the Angels’ front office understand that pitching wins games? I guess not. Year after year its the same mediocre starting pitching staff, guaranteeing the Angels have no chance to contend. It’s maddening.

Victor Grant

Laguna Beach

Take this guy and ...

Mark Stevens’ unprovoked shoving of Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry was bad enough. As I continued reading the story and learned that Mr. Stevens is on the USC’s board of directors and a major donor to the university, I was no longer surprised by Stevens’ arrogant behavior.

Neil Snow

Manhattan Beach


Ever notice that when some jerk is exposed, he immediately issues a statement like jerk-of-the-moment billionaire Mark Stevens did? His “last night does not reflect the person I am” whine is classic. It is exactly who he is.

Kudos to Kyle Lowry for exercising a cool head. But if we ever needed Ron Artest back, that was it.

Jeff Heister



Our Lakers’ ambassador of courtside seats is James Goldstein. He would never ever push an opposing player. He’d smile, shake your hand, offer you a drink, pose for a selfie and post on Instagram.

Jeff Black

Los Angeles

He has answers

It’s obvious that the most prized high school athletes don’t have a clue as to where they should attend school.

At Mater Dei, the athletes around JT Daniels were better players than he was. He should have stayed in high school another year and then attended Washington State.

At Mater Dei, Bru McCoy was a fine player. He should have attended USC and stayed there instead of becoming a collegiate roulette wheel.

At Mater Dei, Bryce Young won a state championship. Arizona or UCLA would be a better choice for him.

Then there’s DJ Uiagalelei, who doesn’t play at Mater Dei. Clemson’s a fine school, but DJ belongs at USC.

If the players and their coaches made better decisions, this roller coaster ride of transfers would end.

Mark Walker

Yorba Linda

Wait for it

So why can’t Major League Baseball hold the draft after the College World Series ends?

In recent years, college football players have sat out bowl games to protect their draft status. The next thing you know, players in the NCAA baseball tournament will follow suit and won’t participate in the College World Series.

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


For the first time in recent memory, the June 5 sports section contained not one but two front-page articles and their corresponding photos highlighting achievement in women’s sports.

The article celebrating UCLA’s championship win in the Women’s College World Series and coverage of Women’s World Cup may only have made the front page due to the lack of other exciting sports news that day, or maybe it’s the progressive thinking of an enlightened sports editor.

Either way, it’s a win for women, and for those of us with two X chromosomes who dive straight for the sports section every morning. Keep up the great coverage.

Jill Mazur

Los Angeles


I watched as the Lady Bruins defeated first Washington, then twice defeated No. 1 Oklahoma to win the Women’s College World Series.Anyone who has any doubts about the validity of Title IX should have them completely erased after watching this amazing team.

Is there a guttier, more poised, focused, and skillful athlete in any sport than Rachel Garcia? She threw close to 400 pitches in those three games, hit a game-winning home run, and was still throwing over 70 mph in the last inning of the final game.

I’ve never seen a sustained performance like that in any sport. I’ll remain an advocate and fan of women’s sports forever.

Ron Brumel

West Los Angeles

French fried

As if the broadcast booth wasn’t noisy enough, NBC added Mike Tirico to dogpile on the insipid rhetoric, further destroying the French Open experience for the viewer.

Mary Carillo is and has been her own talk show during crucial points of all major tournaments. She’s even corrupted John McEnroe to do the same. The addition of Tirico and his lust for the sound of his own voice now makes watching the French Open on NBC utterly untenable.

Axel Hubert

Los Angeles


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