The Times’ MLB power rankings

Bryce Harper

Washington’s Bryce Harper used a red, white and blue bat -- and hit a home run with it -- against San Francisco for the July 4 holiday.

(Alex Brandon / Associated Press)

Last week’s ranking in parentheses, statistics are through Friday’s games:

1. ST. LOUIS: The Cardinals are on pace to win 104 games this year. (1)

2. HOUSTON: What were the odds that the Astros would be the American League’s best team on July 1? (4)

3. WASHINGTON: Bryce Harper used a red, white and blue bat with the Washington skyline on it. And hit a home run. (3)


4. KANSAS CITY: In what could, amazingly, be a postseason preview, the Royals were swept by the Astros. (2)

5. PITTSBURGH: Gerrit Cole has given up more than two runs in a game just three times this year. (7)

6. DODGERS: Since mid-May, the Dodgers have had one winning streak of longer than three games. And yet here they are. (6)

7. CHICAGO CUBS: The Cubs’ latest smart acquisition was a clubhouse magician during a trip to New York. (8)


8. N.Y. YANKEES: Alex Rodriguez said he’d walk to Cincinnati to play in the All-Star game. He may have a chance. (13)

9. ANGELS: Amid the power struggle and front-office shake-up, the Angels may be playing their best ball of the year. (14)

10. SAN FRANCISCO: In an ESPN poll of his peers, Bruce Bochy was voted the best manager in the league. (9)

11. BALTIMORE: With so many dominant rookies, it’s easy to forget Manny Machado is 22. He batted .307 with 16 homers. (11)

12. TORONTO: Josh Donaldson is a highlight from the Year of the Third Baseman. He has six homers in the eighth or later. (10)

13. TAMPA BAY: The Rays have just two wins since June 21 and lost seven in a row. (5)

14. MINNESOTA: The Twins haven’t won consecutive games since June 19. (12)

15. TEXAS: Neftali Feliz, former rookie of the year and World Series closer, was designated for assignment Friday. (15)


16. N.Y. METS: The Mets finally found a team they can outscore: the Dodgers. (18)

17. DETROIT: Miguel Cabrera had never been on the disabled list. Now he’ll miss an expected six weeks with a calf strain. (16)

18. CLEVELAND: In one at-bat Friday, pitcher Trevor Bauer imitated three teammates’ batting stances. He walked. (23)

19. ARIZONA: Patrick Corbin made his first start since Sept. 27, 2013, on Saturday. (17)

20. ATLANTA: Remember this guy? Juan Uribe hit a go-ahead home run in the seventh inning on Friday. (21)

21. OAKLAND: A decent portion of the Twitterati thought Billy Bean traded Sonny Gray for Andre Ethier. That’s funny. (19)

22. SEATTLE: Russell Wilson said this week he’d consider playing for the Mariners. Couldn’t hurt at this point. (22)

23. SAN DIEGO: The Union-Tribune suggested the Padres hire Ozzie Guillen. At least it would be entertaining. (24)


24. CINCINNATI: At least Reds fans will see some good baseball this year. They host the All-Star game. (20)

26. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Speaking of Ozzie Guillen, the White Sox have had one winning season without him. (28)

25. BOSTON: At least the Red Sox will have an excellent view of what should be an entertaining division race. (25)

27. MIAMI: Welcome back, Jose Fernandez. He earned the win in his first game back from Tommy John surgery. (24)

28. COLORADO: Rockies had two three-game losing streaks, a four-game streak, a five-game streak in a 23-game span. (27)

29. MILWAUKEE: The Brewers won six games in a row! Sure, four were against the Phillies. But still, six games in a row! (29)

30. PHILADELPHIA: The Phillies have won more than three games in a row just once this season. (30)

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