Fifteen hot topics with Rams receiver Robert Woods


Receiver Robert Woods has returned to Los Angeles.

The former Gardena Serra High standout and USC All-American signed a five-year, $34-million free-agent contract with the Rams in the off-season after he played four seasons with the Buffalo Bills.

Woods will start in the opener against the Indianapolis Colts at the Coliseum on Sunday.


He answered 15 questions about his homecoming, highlights from USC and his achievements and ambitions in the NFL … and much more.

The best part about returning to Los Angeles is:

The weather. Buffalo was cool with the weather and season change, got to experience snow for a little while, but I literally hated driving in it. Everybody said you were supposed to slide here and there, but I didn’t feel too safe driving. Here it is nice everyday as you can see and it’s easy to drive in.

The difference between being a college vs. professional athlete in L.A. is:

I haven’t been in season yet, but so far, wearing USC colors around, everybody knows who you are. Now, it’s still low key, just going about my day, nothing has changed so far.

USC wears cardinal and gold, the Rams wear blue and white, I look best in:

Cardinal and gold. I love it. I’m getting used to the blue. I love the helmets, for sure, with the horns, with the white horns on it, but it seems the cardinal and gold has so much more tradition or history about it. I mean just running out of the Coliseum, that cardinal and gold belongs there.

My most memorable catch in college was:

Probably my record-breaking catch against Colorado. It was a huge day in my career, a huge day in Matt Barkley’s career and also to see a lot of the stars — Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin — their shout-out on the screen, it was pretty cool, just very memorable and a huge day and tribute.

I returned to USC after the Bills drafted me to earn my degree:

I finished up last year in policy planning and development. It was cool actually, I was actually excited to come back to school and be on campus again. Being on campus is a fun experience but finishing and graduating, my classmates were like, “Yo, he’s an NFL player in our class,” but graduating was cool. At first I didn’t want to do it because I was like, “I’m older than these people,” but walking across definitely felt pretty good, it felt great.

The last thing I searched on Google was:

Probably Tavon Austin’s height. Me and my girlfriend were talking about how tall he was, and then Marquise Goodwin, and we did Tyreek Hill, and we did them both. I thought [Austin] was a little bit taller than them but he’s actually shorter. … I knew he was small, but he’s still untouchable. I played with Marquise Goodwin and they are about the same height, so kind of used to it.

My favorite stadium to play in is:

Seahawks, Seahawks stadium last year. It was my first time playing there but it was a Thursday night game, atmosphere was crazy. Night games are always pretty live, so I would say that one.

The defensive back I most want to face is:

The best one. Either Josh Norman, Stephon Gilmore again, I competed against him at practice, or even [Richard] Sherman.

The best catch I made in the NFL was:

My one-handed helmet catch against the Jets, down the sideline. I want to say it was like our snow game, we played it in Detroit, and Kyle Orton threw it up and I ended up trapping it between my helmet and my head.

My favorite pregame meal is:

Probably some Sour Patch Kids and some Red Vines. I eat that in the locker room, eat some candy before the game. … I eat food, but I don’t stick to anything in particular, whatever they have. Hopefully it’s not an early game, so it’s breakfast. I hate the hotel eggs. But if I can I’ll eat the hotel spaghetti or eat a steak or so. ... Top it off with candy and get a little sugar rush before the game.

My favorite football player is:

Jerry Rice. Just his technique and how he ran his routes, how smooth he was and a lot of different ways to create separation and get open.

If you weren’t an NFL player, I would be:

Hopefully like a real estate investor. Buy property, flip homes. I studied that at ‘SC and kind of got a little taste of it in my internship. … It always looked fun, always way to make profit and I learned about location and all that stuff and it seems like a good way to earn a living.

Yes, I watch HGTV:

Haven’t watched it lately. … The guy and the lady … they flipped homes — “Flip or Flop.” … Yeah that show is pretty good and the pool one, where they redo the pools. That’s not on HGTV, though… They landscape the whole backyard and do the pool.

The technology I can’t live without is:

IPhone, for text, Snap, Instagram and Facetime.

Most famous follower is:

Snoop, Snoop Doggy Dogg. … I followed him back, I made sure but kind of been knowing Snoop since little league, played in the Snoop League, but got to follow Uncle Snoop back.

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