Trump serves more fast food at White House, this time to FCS champs

President Trump speaks behind a table full of fast food as he welcomes the North Dakota State Bison to the White House on March 4.
(Getty Images)

In what is quickly becoming a White House tradition, President Trump hosted the members of the North Dakota State football team for a fast food feast in celebration of their 2018 Football Championship Subdivision championship.

The tables in the State Dining Room were filled with Big Macs from McDonald’s, sandwiches from Chick-fil-A and French fries.

“We could’ve had chefs, we could have, but we had fast food — because I know you people,” Trump said.

North Dakota State has won seven FCS titles over the last eight seasons.


“When you play with passion and love ... and relentlessly reach for excellence, nothing is impossible,” Trump told the players.

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Last month Trump offered a similar spread for the Clemson football team, which defeated Alabama for the College Football Playoff championship. With much of the government shut down at the time, Trump said he paid for the meal himself.

This time, the president suggested his motive was to support U.S. businesses. “We like American companies, OK?” he said.

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